M1 tested rock and roll bed or MOT Compliant Rock and Roll Bed

The MOT compliant Rock & Roll beds (Camper bed, Campervan bed) mean they are ready for seating in the back of the vehicle. It also has the facility for laying down if needed by simple pulling it out to be a bed.

What does that mean to be a MOT compliant Rock N Roll Bed, Camper bed, Camper van bed?

The answer is simple, it passes MOT by having a properly fitted seatbelts to it. While these type of rock and roll beds are not tested for crash or have not gone through rigorous tests either, but only hold the appropriate MOT compliant certificate.

Please make sure about what type of Rock n Roll beds, CamperĀ  bed, Campervan bed you need, as it might affect your insurance as well as your business reliability.
At Captain Seat, we build M1 tested rock and roll bed, Camper and Campervan beds with safety certificate and MOT compliant R n R beds that are perfectly fit to British standards. Our high quality and solid frames are made with extra care and by the highest expert knowledge and implementation.

Captain Seat offer their M1 tested and MOT compliant Rock and Roll beds built from scratch and on non exchange basis. Our capacity allow us to build around 20 beds per week, and so the lead time might be from 2 to 8 weeks upon the season and peak periods and anything in between. Please contact us to get informed about our current lead time to see if it fits to your convenience.

Please note that there are some requirements need to be met in order to start fitting your new Rock and Roll bed, Camper bed, Campervan bed. Vans must be carpet or ply wood lined before commencing the installation.

rock and roll bed

M1 tested rock and roll bed, Camper and Campervan beds with safety certificate!