Current average lead time 6-8 weeks

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Bespoke Custom Works

Captain Seat are thrilled to start your new or take over existing custom projects


Since we are a creative team, we are always thrilled when it comes to do custom projects for our customers.


From furniture refurbish, like chair, sofa or bed upholstery to complex boat or converted motorhome projects, we are here to discuss your special demands and get started your journey with Captain Seat.



Custom project for truck

Truck upholstery project

White leather front seats with vine inner and custom logo

Truck upholstery project

Refining all aspects of workmanship to details


Sometimes it's not all about accomplishing a templated work. We are usually required to take other aspects of our knowledge into the finishing. 


That said, most of these works require a very good sense of art and imagination. 


You envision, we design and make your dream come true.