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Trafic, Vivaro, Primastar

The French flagship for middle sized commercials



Trafic-Vivaro-Primastar is around everywhere, they are very popular in the UK. Thanks for it's beautiful design and pleasant comfort.


To attract buyers, Trafic-Vivaro-Primastar offers lot of choices in the range.  The trim levels are Business, Business + and Sport. 


Captain Seat Ltd has been dealing with these brands of seat's re-trimming and upholstery for many years, providing excellent support for your conversion project.


Please take a look at our Catalogue for Trafic-Vivaro-Primastar design options at Trafic, Vivaro, Primastar Catalogue


Vauxhall Vivaro front seats in black leather and white logo

Vauxhall Vivaro