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Vito, Sprinter & Crafter Seats

Mercedes Vito, Sprinter


The biggest competitor of VW T series are Mercedes commercials. Vito is a smaller choice of it, which comes with lower roof profile. This doesn't much benefit against their competitors. Vito still feel like a family car.


In contrast, Sprinter is a dominant for those are looking for a bullet proof solution for their businesses.



Captain Seat can provide expert advice and help on your Crafter, Vito or Sprinter conversion's project along with our catalogue for these models at:

Mercedes Vito, Sprinter and Crafter Seats

Mercedes Sprinter front seats in black leatherette

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito and Sprinter front seats in green edges and red piping

Mercedes Sprinter and Vito seats

Another big contender is the VW Crafter model


VW crafter is the biggest van that Volkswagen makes. It is designed to carry the maximum load capacity, and become one of the top choice in it's category.


Like with other model of VW, we do expert re-trimming and upholstery for VW Crafter with fitting and installation included.


No more rattling and creased experience with your newly refurbished captain, swivel or fixed single or twin seats. They perfectly accommodate to your needs and expectations. 


But don't buy our words,  visit our workshop to make sure you'd get the most from Captain Seat. High values on reasonable prices.


To see our catalogue for VW Crafter, please visit Catalogue