Frequently Asked Questions

Our capacity allows us to build about 12 – 14 sets of front seats and rock and roll beds per week.
At a non busy period, we estimate the completion of the job within 6 to 7 weeks, though at season peak time like in spring and summer it can go up to 8 – 10 weeks.
Our off-the-shelf stock always offers ready made seats to be sold, in case you would rather not wait and fancy one of these.
If you are lucky, you might get the perfect ones that best suit your needs on the same day, so please ask us for details

Please browse our catalogue making sure to choose the right style and design of your future front seats or rock and roll beds. We have a wide range of seats and beds available with any colour and material combination.
If you would like a custom made one, you can always contact us for further details on what we can do.
You can pay the deposit by cash, or on the site through ordering via our secure system.
Please note that deposits are valid for 6 months only, and not refundable.

We understand that situations can be difficult and cannot be foreseen sometimes.
In case you cannot arrange collection on time please let us know as soon as possible and we will arrange it for your convenience.
Since our space is limited, we can only store your goods for 10 days free of charge. Over this period, we would charge £10 per week for storage of your goods.
Thank you for understanding.

Captain Seat does not currently provide a delivery service of any kind. We do undertake any building, fitting and maintenance on our premises only.
These tasks require some expertise, and so making sure you get your seats and bed fitted perfectly, please let us accomplish this for you. It also allows us to provide warranty.
You are welcome to arrange delivery for your own responsibility. We cannot give warranty for goods that are delivered without extra care and so result in any damages. Please provide all equipment needed for delivery to the driver to avoid unnecessary trouble.

For every work we accomplish, we provide a 12 months warranty. This protects you against mechanical malfunction, material imperfections, stitching or any re-trimming and upholstery related faults.
Please note that we don’t cover for any intentional damages and careless usage of the product.
Please note, that we don’t cover the cost of travel when you come back to the base for repair and to apply for a warranty.

  1. Please make sure to arrive on time.
  2. If you come to collect rock and roll beds, please empty your van beforehand. It must be empty.
  3. Please don’t bring any large or sharp objects with you. They can cause damage easily for which we won’t offer our warranty service.
  4. Please make sure that barn doors or tailgate are completely openable, as beds don’t fit through the slide doors.
  5. Beds are not quick release ones, so your floor and sides must be ready before installation. You don’t want to remove beds to do plying or carpeting later on.
  6. Please do us a favour and clean your van before arrival, so we don’t have to remove your seats from the dirty, sticky floor. It helps both of us.
  7. Please make sure to bring cash or card to clear the balance if you haven’t done so yet online.
  8. Beds cannot be installed on soft floors, please make sure you have at least 12mm hard floor installed before we can start the work.

Our price includes seats re-trimming, upholstery and refurbishment of foam. Also we supply the installation kit, including bolts, nuts, washers etc. free of charge when we do the fitting.
We also can provide logo stitching, and any custom logo design at additional cost.
Please note, we don’t replace the broken or worn out bits and pieces of your current seats. All extra items are chargeable.

Please follow the instructions below:
1. Stand in proper position and use the lever and pulling knob (if applicable) as explained at your appointment.
2. Never jerk or pull / push the bed with exaggerated power.
3. Avoid putting obstacles into the way of the bed, especially around the gas strut, whilst you operate it.
4. If you have purchased a gas strut bed, put your weight on the top of the bed whilst you release the locking mechanism, when opening to a bed position.
5. To open the gas strut bed, pull the lever knob and give a little punch to the headrest.
6. Please don’t slam the bed into the frame when closing to seater position, it might damage the mechanism.