Volkswagen Van Upholstery


The VW T4 – T5 – T6 series are the most popular commercial vehicles in the UK without doubts. They are very reliable, and they hold their value extremely well on the market. The German manufacturer have proven their reputation in it. In addition, their size mean that they can easily become a second family car. At Captain Seat, we have mostly experienced with customers asked us to build our seats and rock and roll beds into VW T4, T5 or T6 models.

Our seats include VW logo for free of charge in the price. All VW front seats are on exchange base, like for like. It means you can get the same seats as your original ones or you can choose from our wide range of design for swivel, non-swivel, captain and double passenger seats in any colour and material combinations.


Regarding the inside that we are most concerned about, the VW Transporter can come with single or double passenger seat.

Both versions come with pro and contra, for example with double one you can carry one more passenger, but sacrifice the space that could allow you to walk through to the living space, if it’s a motor home.

Both version can come in swivel round option, but in practise, the double version is a bit of hassle to turn around. Also, only the single version can recline, and move back or forward.

We can change the double seat to single and vice versa. At Captain Seat, having decades of experience in seat’s installation, our skilled staff do a hassle free, expert installation and fitting of your new VW T4, T5 or T6 seats.